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What temperature is best for growing my mushrooms?

We like to say where you're comfortable the mushrooms will be. There is an exception to this being the Pinks; they need to be at a minimum of 17c.

Where should I grow my mushrooms?

Your mini mushroom farm is best grown inside on a shaded windowsill or kitchen table. Anywhere with some indirect light, it isn’t near hot elements or wood burner and where you can watch the magic happen.

How do I know when my mushrooms are ready for harvest?

The mushrooms should be ready to harvest in approximately 4-7 days after you see the first mushrooms begin to form out of the growing window. When the cap of the largest mushroom in the cluster starts to turn from convex (turning down at the edges) to concave (flattening out or turning up at the edges), pull off all of the mushrooms, no matter large or small. Make sure you don't leave any mushrooms on the substrate, as this will prevent the next flush from coming through.

What is the white powder on my kitchen table?

That would be the spores from the mushrooms, and if this is in excess, you have left the mushrooms on the block without harvesting for too long. Harvest the mushrooms, use them like you would any mushroom and wipe the table.

My mushroom bag looks super interesting. What's in it?

When you remove your mushroom bag, you will see that it is mainly white; this is where the magic starts. It's called mycelium and is the growing body; the mushrooms grow from this. Imagine an avocado tree; the mycelium is the tree, and the mushrooms are like the avocado fruit. There is also wood, water, buckwheat or wheat bran, and rye grains, all organically Biogrow certified. No nasty chemicals or composts.

How do I store my Oyster Mushrooms?

Like all mushrooms, oysters are delicate and can spoil quite quickly if stored improperly. We recommend storing your oyster mushrooms in the refrigerator in a paper bag, and like anything fresh, the sooner you eat them, there will be more active nutrients will taste better. Fresh is best.

Why are my second, third or fourth crops smaller than the first?

The first flush is usually the biggest as it is grown when all the nutrients are at the bag's peak. Each crop after that gets smaller as more nutrients and water are extracted from the kit. Soaking the bag for extended periods and misting well can help mitigate the moisture loss, but the nutrients will slowly run out, producing more minor crops over time.

What happens if my mini mushroom farm doesn’t grow?

Our mini mushroom farms are back with a 100% grow guarantee. More often than not, the first step is to give your mushroom farm a little extra time. They are living organisms and may not always behave like clockwork. Most are ready for harvest within 14 days; some kits will take an extra week or two to start growing. Read through our FAQ, and if you can’t work out what may be the problem, drop us an email at info@goodvibesfungi.com with a photo and explanation of what has happened. We’ll do our best to advise and get your farm working, but in the unlikely occurrence that there is a problem with your farm, we will happily send you a new one free of charge.

How many mushrooms will my mushroom mini-farm produce?

Up to 1kg of fresh mushrooms over multiple harvests.

Can poisonous mushrooms begin to grow on my mini mushroom farm if their spores come in contact with the growing medium?

No. Our mini mushroom farms are inoculated so that the only mushroom that will grow will be the desired species you have selected.

Do you sell psilocybin or other psychoactive mushrooms or their spores?

No. It is illegal to possess or sell psilocybin mushrooms or their spores in the New Zealand.

When will I know when my Mini Mushroom Farm finished growing Mushrooms?

Over time the lovely fresh white bag you started with will begin to dry out and shrink; this happens because the mushrooms extract the nutrients used for growing. Once you have had minimal activity from it, it’s worth trying to re-soak and get another, but if you do this and no other crops emerge after four weeks, then it is time to break up the mixture and add it to your compost or as a garden mulch.