Our Story

Meet The Farmers

Kimi and Zane are firstly partners in joy, then partners in business. They have been co-creating and manifesting together with the world as their playground for many years now.

Good Vibes Origins

Good Vibes Fungi spawned in a large part due to an inspiring mycologist that Kimi was lucky enough to cross paths within 2017.

After learning about use-cases like bio-remediation, myco-diesel and the potential of mycelium breaking down plastic, Kimi was hooked. Although this was the primary inspiration into the wonderful world of fungi, Kimi had already been heavily focused on sustainable farming practices as she studied permaculture, horticulture and land conservation.

They came to NZ to fix up the family farm which would take an estimated 6 months, they ended up falling in love with Hawkes Bay and not wanting to leave. They decided to settle in NZ, that also meant it was finally the right time to build a another business.

"We saw an opportunity and went for it".

After doing some market research they realised there was a gap in the market ready for expansion.

100% Organically Grown

We eat organic produce, so it was simple and clear that growing organically was the right way for us. It has proven to be much more challenging to source all the perfect products but it's so very worth it to have clean, worry-free, nutrient-dense food. 

We spent a long time searching for the perfect ingredients for our substrate and the end result is a 100% NZ grown substrate that we’re very proud of!